Hydo Hull

Hydro Hull: The hydro hull was inspired by the hull designs utilized on hydroplane racing boats. Bill Stewart transferred the design concepts to a surfboard. The hydro hull is a combination of increased “V”, subtle double concaves and double-edged chine rails, compatible with a wide variety of lengths and template designs.

Purpose: The hydro hull bottom incorporates increased “V” for quick rail-to-rail transitions. A double-edged rail facilitates release while maintaining a nose to tail edge for bite and projection. A subtle double concave is added which creates a straighter, faster rocker as well as providing increased lift, which dramatically improves planing efficiency. With this design your front foot drives off of the concaves while your rear foot utilizes flat “V” panels in the tail area for a loose turning characteristic. Stewart recommends going longer and narrower when switching to his hydro hulls because of the dramatic improvement in planing efficiency.