Longboards Boards of classic design that are typically 8’6″ to 9’6″ in length, with some boards even longer. Competition rules typically specify that a longboard must be at least three feet longer than the height of the surfer competing on it. Longboards are available in a wide variety of styles utilizing everything from traditional designs with single fin configurations and heavier weight glass jobs to progressive competition models that utilize the latest design innovations, multi-fin configurations and ultra light glass jobs. Shorter hybrid “fun boards,” “egg” designs, and “mini” longboards in the 7’0″ to 8’6″ length combine design features of both long and short boards.

Purpose: The increased length of a longboard allows it to glide. When paddling, you glide between strokes, which helps you paddle faster with less effort so it’s easier to catcher waves. The ability of the longboard to maintain momentum is one of the main reasons the design is so well suited to small or marginal surf that is riddled with flat spots. Superior flotation and increased width improve low speed planing efficiency and stability. The shorter hybrids offer these attributes in a shorter, more maneuverable design.